The Naval Air Station (NAS) Willow Grove Airshow is held at the Willow Grove NAS, Willow Grove , PA and hosted by the Reserve Naval Air Command based there. Scheduled to be closed as part of the latest round of military base closures 2005 may be the last time an airshow is held at Willow Grove.


The 2005 Willow Grove Airshow used "Let Freedom Roar" as its theme and basis for a fine display of our past and present military might. The headliners for the day's activities included the Navy's Blue Angels acrobactic team with "Fat Albert," of course, and an impressive demo by an F-86 Sabre, Mig 17, T-28 and F-16C Falcon. Other performers included the Skytypers, Showcopters, Allen Smith and his L-39 Albatros, Matt Chapman, Frank Ryder and the Orek Cyclone, and the USSOCOM Parachute Team.

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