Mr. Brett's experience in photography spans more than 40 years. He first became interested in photography at age 11 and that interest has continued to grow and prosper ever since. "Photography has always interested me. And the best thing about photography as a passion is that you can apply it to every thing you do in life for work or pleasure. Photography has always been my constant companion and a source of great pleasure for me."

During those years Mr. Brett has mastered the art of photography in many different fields including ...


His professional photography experience includes:

  • Industrial photographer for Fairchild Space and Defense
  • Professional show horse photographer
  • Commercial photographer
  • Commercial aviation photographer
  • Camera sales

His photographs have been published worldwide in all media including: newspapers, magazines, books, commercial brochures, television and the Internet:

Mr. Brett also has an extensive background in computer technology and training including:

  • 30+ years experience teaching computer related technology classes including ...
    • Windows graphical application development
    • Internet web design and implementation
    • Computer software program languages
  • 20 years experience with personal computers
  • 10 years experience with various graphical image editing software programs including Corel Paint, Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop
  • 10 years experience developing and implementing web sites using Corel Web Master Suite and Macromedia Dreamweaver

The equipment (cameras, lenses, computers and software) we use.

All images ©2005 Art Brett. All rights reserved.

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