Anne and I are happy that you decided to join us and preview a few images from our recent trip to St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. Twelve wonderful days of Sun, sand, surf, airplanes, airplanes, airplanes, airplanes ... well you get the point, and a few beers and drinks at our favorite St. Maarten hangout ... the Sunset Beach Bar.

For our visit this year we were joined by Mike Primamore and his wife, Rosemarie, for a few days. And, if I can convince him to fix a few of his shots I will add them to this page as well. For the most part we were blessed with beautiful weather. Lots of blue sky and white puffy clouds. Sometimes those white puffy clouds ruined a few pictures. Never failed ... nothing coming in and Maho Beach was beautifully sunlit. Something nice coming in and a cloud was blocking the Sun giving us a dark shadow photo. But we smiled through it all and still managed to catch quite a few photos. Of course after Mike and Rosemarie went home Anne and I were left with the wet weather from a tropical depression that was forming south of the island. That didn't stop us. Just ask the US Airways pilot who taxied past me several times while I stood on the roof of the car as it poured to capture his departure. The clouds were so thick you couldn't see the mountains in the distance so he didn't want to depart on 09. They sent him to 27 and then back to the terminal while I waited patiently on top of the car in the rain. Well, I got wet, but I got the shot and that's all that counts. That shot and a few others. A.net will probably reject them, but who cares. I like them :)

Some surprises and disappointments ... An Air Caraibes A330 - where did that come from? A Continental Express Embraer, Air Canada Jetz and Corsair substituted the 74 for an A330 :(. Sure wish it was the 747, but I'll take whatever they put in front of me.

My backlog now extends back to April so I have lots of photos to process and upload to the sites. So while it's still fresh in my mind I'm putting this preview up for you to enjoy. A reminder of things to come. Enjoy. As always comments welcome.



Air France A340 over Maho Beach with Denis McBriarty (BigDen on A.net). A great guy I enjoyed shooting with a few days.

Last time I got to shoot the little ones at sunset, this time I moved it up a notch!

Ah the rain in Spain, better make that SXM. By the way these were all fixed on the laptop so they may not be great.

Guess where that was shot from? Our favorite hangout. Tired of Air France here comes something else.

You New York shooters gotta admit ... Continental is much prettier over Maho Beach than at EWR.

It wasn't the 747 - I wanted SEX so much :( - But I still enjoyed the A330.

Rain, rain go away ... but thank you for this shot!

Probably the lowest approach we saw during the week. That's Mike P. taking aim and it didn't even cause him to duck.

Something I wanted since my last trip to SXM.
  That's all for now.