Photovation images offers, free-of-charge, several options for text that you may or may not want to appear on your printed image. These text options are available for print sizes 8.5 x 11 inches and above.

Without exception, all prints larger than 4" x 6" will include a copyright mark in the lower left or right corner of the print. This is not an option.

Your options for additional text include:

No Text:

  • Choosing this option the final print will only contain Photovation's copyright statement and no additional text.

Full Text:

The full text (example above) option includes:

  • Airline name, aircraft type/subtype and registration number centered in a large font size. If the full information was known about the above photo it would read as follows:

Continental Airlines 737-3T0 N12345

  • Copyright statement in lower left corner using a smaller font size.
  • Airport name and date in the lower right corner.

Type Font

  • You may specify a font for text appearing on your printed images.
  • If not specified, the font used will be determined by Photovation.Net.

Custom Text:

  • If desired, you may specify custom text for your print.
  • Photovation's copyright statement will also be included on custom text prints.